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Environmental Plan


<Basic Philosophy>

We work towards conserving the local environment and contributing to society, under the slogan: “Logistics that are friendly to people and the environment”.

<Basic Policies>

  • 1.To implement planned alternatives for low-emission cars and cars that conform to the latest regulations, and attempt to reduce exhaust gases.
  • 2.To actively promote savings in natural resources and energy conservation by rationalizing and streamlining operations, in order to enable effective utilization of resources.
  • 3.To promote emission reductions and recycling.
  • 4.To work towards preventing pollution.
  • 5.To respect environmentally related laws and regulations, as well as agreements, etc., with local residents and institutions.
  • 6.To open communications with locals and cooperate with environment protection activities.

To achieve these environmental policies, we set environmental objectives and targets, and promote environment management. In addition, we will review these policies regularly, and work towards continued improvements in our environment management system.

We are ensuring that all our employees are aware of our environmental policies and we are also educating them about the environment.

Our environmental policies indicate this.

Takashi Jinguji, President

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