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Security and care with a one-stop service

The right thing to the right place at the right time. We provide not just the basics of a forwarding service, which are security, safety, and reliability, but we also want to deliver a good impression to our customers, together with their important goods. That is how we always feel. To support our customers' businesses, we provide a high-quality, safe, and rapid distribution service in all situations relating to international logistics.

Export flow


Trading office representation

We act as representatives when customers export cargo, to relieve them of the time-consuming work of trading office procedures such as arranging transportation insurance and providing the various forms of certification, up to the creation of the shipping documents necessary for export (invoices, packing lists, etc.) We also dispatch personnel who know about trading offices.

Non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC-international multimodal transportation)

By efficiently combining transportation modes by land, sea, and air, we provide a safe, high-quality integrated transportation service door-to-door as far as the destination overseas, from freight in container units to small-lot consignments.

ULD intact transportation

To ensure that our customers' important shipments are not damaged, the experienced staff at our facilities put together and transport each shipment and also provide a pick-up service in ULD units, as far as our bonded warehouses in the importing country.

Customs services

On behalf of our customers, our specialist staff creates the documents that are necessary for import-export customs clearance and presents them to the customs house. You can also entrust us with preparing customs documents for electronic components that require advanced decision on export control, precision instruments, and manufactured apparel products that necessitate complicated specialist knowledge.



We implement highly accurate inventory management, using the WEB inventory management system that the Hitachi Transport System group developed in-house.

Distributed processing

We can perform cumbersome and time-consuming jobs such as attaching price tags, pasting labels, repacking, and set assembly to the highest quality and with superlative efficiency, based on a comprehensive check structure, on the behalf of customers.

Buyers consolidation

This can reduce shipping costs and implement safe shipping, by collecting together the consolidated cargos of a number of exporters into an ocean container for one importer.

Modal shift

We are working towards switching from transportation by truck to transportation by rail or sea, which has a lower environmental load.


Events (exhibits and works of art)

We also have a wide-ranging track record in logistics services for exhibits and works of art, such as transporting the musical instruments of orchestras and installing and exhibiting a frozen mammoth. Please entrust such tasks to the advanced technology and experienced staff of our company.

International courier services

We provide a convenient, reasonably charged home-delivery service for all sizes of freight, from small-lot consignments to large-scale cargo, with documentation. Using hubs in 200 countries around the world, we deliver door-to-door to every country in the world, safely, reliably, and speedily.

Overseas removals

We provide a full removals service from packing through to transportation, customs, and unpacking, for customers either relocating overseas or returning to Japan. You can also entrust us with the total coordination of the removal process, in answer to requests.

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