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Forging Wider and Deeper Links.

VANTEC HTS FORWARDING, LTD. was established as a specialist company to be the core of the forwarding business in the Hitachi Transport System group. Starting from forwarding services, this company also implements total coordination of globalized distribution within the three business mainstays of 3PL(system logistics), heavy industries, and machine industries. The strength of this company is a multi-discipline approach that can propose an “overall optimization”. We are forging links that are wider and deeper. VANTEC HTS FORWARDING, LTD. will continue to face challenges towards smart logistics of the future.

Deliver global services to customers in all lines of business. That is the motto of our forwarding service.
We provide services that answer all our customers' needs as a service provider of international logistics, through the global network of the Hitachi Transport System, which encompasses the world, and international shipment services by air and sea that have a wide-ranging track record.

Marine Transport

While answering to demand of all marine harbor transportation business, such as storage, customs clearance, CY carrying in, etc. by domestic carriage, packing, and in bond, we send cargo to every country in the world including Asia, the United States, and Europe by the door-to-door consistent transportation by a marine container, conventional ship transportation, etc.
Moreover, I correspond not only to the export from Japan but to import from overseas and transportation between Mikuni by cooperation with the tie-up agency of an overseas subsidiary or an overseas.

Air Transport

By the abundant experience and know-how over many years in carriage of goods by air, it answers to all a visitor's demands.
I provide consolidated service of international airline service cargo, making full use of the network to which the world major cities, such as Asia United States Europe, were connected.

In the midst of the accelerating globalization of business, we propose the optimal global logistics to all our customers, making use of our strong technological competence and integrated capabilities.

Demonstrating our abundant experience and “on-site capabilities”, we provide secure and also high-quality services from transport to installation.

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